February 28, 2004

Added Czech (2) language file for Subtitle Workshop, thanks to Milan Hrubę. Also updated Japanese language file, thanks to montty.

February 26, 2004

Added Danish language file for Subtitle Workshop, thanks to BigDane. Also, the following language files for Subtitle Workshop were updated:

February 21, 2004

Updated Romanian language file for Subtitle Workshop, thanks to Mtz.

February 20, 2004

Updated Hungarian and Slovak language files for Subtitle Workshop, thanks to Jozsef Tamas Herczeg and MG.

February 19, 2004

Subtitle Workshop 2.50 has been released. As usual, there is a long change list. This new version contains important changes such as the long expected undo/redo function and a new great system for adjusting subtitles in the worst cases. Full changelist is below:

  • Added: multilevel undo/redo! It is now possible to undo all the modifications made by Subtitle Workshop!
  • Added: new advanced system to synchronize subtitles, ideal for non constant desynchronizations. It lets you select multiple subtitle-video points (not just two) and adjust the subtitle.
  • Added: pascal scripts feature! Now if you code in pascal you can code custom code scripts to use in Subtitle Workshop. You can do lots of things, like if scripts were plug-ins!
  • Added: nice feature to "Join subtitles" that allows you to join subtitles taking movie fragments as a reference, so you don't have to mess with timings after joining the subtitles.
  • Added: support for Adobe Encore DVD format (no Unicode support yet, you must save the ANSI file Subtitle Workshop generates as Unicode in Notepad or any text editor with Unicode support).
  • Added: support for "Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0" format.
  • Added: "Time expander" was changed to "Time expander/reducer", allowing you to do the exact opposite of the previous expander.
  • Added: now it is possible to load sound files in video preview.
  • Added: now you can choose whether to display a combobox in main form listing all OCR scripts or not.
  • Added: possibility of saving a Media Startup File - ASX (Windows Media Player) or SMIL (Real Player).
  • Added: more playback rate speeds.
  • Added: now if you double click the item that informs you of the longest line in Various information, the window closes and the main subtitles list scrolls to the subtitle.
  • Added: "Use in-place edition" option, so that you can edit a subtitle's text/time only selecting it on the list and pressing F2.
  • Added: "WordChars" property to OCR scripts so it works better for many languages.
  • Added: now when you save project, original and translated files are saved too.
  • Changed: time edit controls, bugs were fixed and now they look different.
  • Changed: all things previously referring to "Slow motion" now refer to "Alter Playback Rate".
  • Improved: now if you try to overwrite a file using "Join subtitles" a warning message is displayed.
  • Improved: overlapping fix precision increased from 1 to 35 milliseconds.
  • Fixed: minor problems with "Space after custom characters".
  • Fixed: now it is impossible to apply text effects over a blank subtitle.
  • Fixed: in "Movie information", when the file is smaller than 1 MB size is now informed correctly.
  • Fixed: bug with confirmation message for "Delete text before colon".
  • Fixed: bugs with "No interaction with tags" option.
  • Fixed: strange bug when Subtitle Workshop was trying to save a backup of the subtitle and you were in "Save as" dialog.
  • Fixed: important bugs with OCR scripts (thanks to Zvezdan Dimitrijevic).
  • Cool new icon, submitted by <<[KoRNkID]>>.

February 12, 2004

Added MicroDVD Clone skin for ViPlay, thanks to jfsch01.

February 09, 2004

Update to the site's code (now it is much more clean). Downloads section is now cleaner and additional content (such as language files, manual, etc) is now separated by category, as well as the FAQ section.

Also, a nice page to screw up spambots trying to search for e-mail in these pages was added (see "Spambots click here" link at the bottom).

February 06, 2004

Added Albanian language file for Subtitle Workshop, thanks to Q encode.

February 06, 2004

Added Albanian language file for Subtitle Workshop, thanks to Q encode.

February 02, 2004

Added Czech (2) language file for Subtitle Workshop, thanks to GVG.

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